One thing you can expect when you are expecting is a stylish range of nursery essentials. There are many choices out there from high-end ergonomic cots to simple change stations. Let’s not forget the fun of decorating a perfect little space for your cherished bub. When it comes to styling the nursery, you’ll be spoilt for choice.



Magic Moments


Feeding your baby is a moment to cherish, so creating a quiet space you can both enjoy is essential. A beautiful and comfortable chair for the nursery can be both a design statement and a practical necessity. Rocking chairs and wingbacks are super cozy and have a classic appearance, but any chair that makes you feel calm and relaxed is perfect. Why not find something that can be repositioned to another room in the house after bub has grown up? A luxuriously upholstered lounge chair in a neutral design is versatile and will look good anywhere.



Rock the Cradle


Sleep can become an obsessive (and elusive) pursuit for new parents, so it’s important to choose a crib or cradle where your baby will feel soothed and hopefully sleepy. There are some gorgeous cribs available from traditional iron cots (in new designs that satisfy Australian safety standards) to rounded wooden capsules with Scandinavian flair. Think about teaming your new crib with a cute sheet set in natural cotton, and don’t forget a matching change table!



As Far as the Eye Can See


Babies’ brains are actively absorbing as much information as they can in the formative years from 0 – 3, and offering them visual stimulus is said to help with their development. Even more good news – this can be fun for you too! A gorgeous wall decal, delicate mobile or some framed prints are all great ideas to incorporate into the nursery to give your baby something beautiful and stimulating to gaze at and think about.


Style Child


Anything goes these days when it comes to styling the nursery. No longer are we following traditional nursery themes. Chevron patterns, chandeliers and even monochrome (apparently newborns only see in black, white and grey) are all appearing in stylish nurseries everywhere. So get creative with your colour scheme and think outside the square for a fabulous nursery your bub may remember forever.


Get the look…

• A beautiful nursing chair is not only a gorgeous piece for the nursery but also a must for feeding your bub at bedtime.

• Try a matching cot/change table ensemble with a gorgeous sheet set for a stylish space your newborn will want to sleep in.

• Stimulating visual elements in the nursery are great for baby to look at and help with their brain development. Try a fabulous wall decal or interesting mobile.

• Your nursery can be as traditional or as modern as you like. Inject some real design flair into this space and your baby will adore it.


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Written by:

Katie Evans - Milan Direct