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Soft furnishings will always add a touch of luxury to your home. The colour and texture of cushions, throws, curtains and covers can also be changed often according to seasonal tastes and trends. With that in mind, updating your soft furnishings is an inexpensive way to revamp tired furniture or spruce up a drab room that needs a tactile transformation.

A Soft Touch


A home is a place to relax and unwind – a place of comfort and warmth. Carefully choosing your materials for drapes, cushions, rugs and upholstery is so important to create that perfect nest. The softer materials such as linen, specific types of wool and soft cottons will never fail to appeal to all tastes and styles. And these natural fabrics can be sourced in a fabulous array of colours and patterns. The more natural the fabric is, the longer lasting and the better they feel. So make sure you look for soft furnishings that will stand the test of time.

Can You Feel It Throws

Rug Up

The easiest way to inject some tactile warmth to a room is by placing a large fluffy rug on the floor. There's nothing like soft wool under your feet, which is immediately snug and inviting. You may even find you want to get down on the floor just to be close to all that softness! Rugs aren't just for the floor, however. A beautiful patterned rug hung to the wall for dramatic impact works as a central piece of art, but unlike art it can be stroked and touched.


Can You Feel It Rugs

Dramatic Drapes

When decorating a house, the drapery is often left till last, yet your choice of curtains and blinds can greatly affect on the look and feel of your home. Thick and luxurious drapes will be cosy and intimate, while light cotton and linen will be airy and breezy. A drape that suits the climate in which you live will always be a good choice, but if you want to create a warm room in a hot climate you could opt for a slightly heavier linen to achieve that warmth.

Cushioned Comfort

Just as a rug creates a tactile space in an instant, beautiful plump cushions in soft fabrics add instant style. Cushions come in so many shapes, sizes and designs it's almost impossible to choose a selection for your home! Whatever your choice is, though, do try to purchase cushions with good quality inserts made from feather or a synthetic fibre that will keep its shape. Flat cushions on a gorgeous lounge-suite is not the level of comfort that you are after. Try changing over your cushion covers in summer and winter, opting for heavier faux furs and wool as the months get cooler. 

Get the look . . .

  • Natural fabrics are your best choice. Linen, cotton and wool will last and they are also extremely luxurious.
  • A rug will instantly add warmth and comfort to a living area. You could also try hanging a rug to the wall as a tactile piece of art.
  • Carefully selected drapes will bring all over softness and comfort to a room. Light fabrics for hotter climates and heavier drapes for colder climates work best.
  • Have fun selecting cushions for your rooms. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and they can be swapped over easily with the changing seasons.

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