Cool, calm and collected perfectly sums up Hamptons interiors. Best seen in popular TV shows like Revenge, the Hamptons home encapsulates a relaxed coastal lifestyle where light fabrics and a mix of classic furniture and rustic pieces sit side by side to create a supremely sophisticated space. It's easily one of the most copied styles in home décor due to its timeless, classic quality and neutral tones that promote tranquility and a sense of escape - as if you have flown to the Hamptons in Long Island, New York, where you can almost smell the soft ocean breeze.


It's All White


White is the base colour for almost all the furnishings and homewares in a Hamptons-style abode. These homes are recognizable by their white linen lounges and other soft furnishings, and white cabinetry and wood panelling. The introduction of neutral tones of beige and light grey help to break up the starkness of the white as well as a good dose of soft sea blues and, sometimes, nautical navy.



Only Natural


Natural linen, thick soft cotton, wool, sisal and wicker all perfectly complement a beautiful white Hamptons interior. These materials are all introduced in the form of baskets, rugs, drapes and lovely soft cushions and throws - all the essentials for a comfortable and relaxed home. Add a bowl of shells and light grey stones and a big vase bursting with hydrangeas and you are well on your way to Long Island luxury.



All at Sea


A true Hamptons home must have a touch of nautical décor to give it that beachy feel, and nothing does this better than a navy and white stripe. Add some maritime instruments, large shells and starfish or blue glass to capture those ocean hues. A small wooden boat caught in a glass bottle is perfect for the side table or bookshelf, while some framed marine prints bring a touch of sophistication. All of these little accents of colour and interest help to create a nautical atmosphere.


Something Old, Something New

Rustic and vintage pieces work brilliantly alongside the natural materials and new furniture of this style. Classic furniture designs such as wingback chairs and Adirondacks are reinvented with new fabrics and weather-resistant wood finishes and look stunning alongside vintage collectibles and old, wooden tables and sideboards. If it has a coastal appearance, don't throw it away! Teamed with your fresh white palette, the old pieces get a new lease of life.


Get the look…

• Go all white as the base for your Hamptons interior. Soften the look with beige, light grey and soft blues to create a soft, coastal effect.

• Natural materials such as sisal, linen, cotton and wicker all help to create a fabulous Hamptons home.

• Add little nautical touches such as maritime instruments, shells and a bit of navy and white stripe in your cushions and other soft furnishings.

• Old furniture looks fabulous with the new, crisp white lounges and replica antiques in Hamptons interior style. Team your old things with the new and watch them spring back to life..



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Written by:

Katie Evans – Milan Direct