‘Eclectic’, ‘unconventional’ and ‘artistic’ are some of the best words to describe homes with Bohemian spirit. It’s a design choice that has a lot of heart and sentimentality with collected pieces and heirlooms as well as a handcrafted element. The key to injecting some Boho flair into your home is to keep it relaxed and casual. Colour and mismatched pieces are mandatory as is your unique touch. This style is as personal as it gets.


Timeless Treasures


Boho chic is strong on individuality and nothing could be more individual and distinct than your collection of treasures and items that express who you are and what you love. These collectibles could be anything from pictures, to jewellery to an old table passed down through generations. Whatever it is, displaying the things that mean something to you reflects your personality and offers visitors something interesting to look at. There are many ways to display your treasures: try a cluster of glass vases, a picture wall of favourite photographs or a hat stand with your crazy collection of hats.



A Handmade Home


Handmade items or items that have handmade appeal exude Bohemian charm. It’s the artistry and hours spent creating these pieces that reflect a truly Bohemian lifestyle, where people place great importance on adding a little something of themselves into every stitch or brushstroke. Pottery, quilts, hand-poured candles and artworks help to create a casual and arty ambience to your home. Unpretentious and rustic furniture is also a great choice and even just one feature piece such as a worn-looking dining table can help you achieve this look.



Mismatched Magic


Sometimes it’s the less obvious match-ups that work best. This is especially so for a truly Bohemian-inspired home. Perfect colour schemes and matching styles have no place here. Instead try to pair up your homewares based on contrasting textures and colours. An Indian ottoman with a sleek modern lounge or a sheepskin rug on a polished concrete floor can work just as well as some of the more obvious choices. The key is to think outside the norm and be prepared to experiment.



Get the look...

• Unearth all of those collectibles you’ve been hiding away and find a place to display them. Boho chic is all about the individual and the treasures you have collected over the years – pictures, ornaments and other – are a true reflection of your unique style.

• Handmade pieces such as pottery, patchwork quilts and handcrafted furniture exude Bohemian charm with their less-than-perfect appearance and detailed artistry. Scour markets and second-hand boutiques for beautifully made handmade crafts.

• Anything goes with this style so don’t be tied down to trying to make everything match perfectly. The more eclectic your décor the better. Mixing vintage with modern and being bold with colour choices and different textures will ensure your home is interesting and unconventional.


We recommend...

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- Morzine Throw - 130 x 150cm


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Written by:

Katie Evans – Milan Direct