Set the scene and stir your emotions with a symphony of elegant materials for a party that will leave guests wanting to linger. Here we show you quick and affordable tips to turn your soiree into a sensation.


Entertain Me


Setting the scene for a gorgeous indoor or outdoor soiree needn’t be expensive or daunting.


Decorating for events is the time to go all out and whimsical.


The trick to mastering a look that is arresting and uplifting is to combine luxurious accessories and considered details that create a feminine statement.


For the ultimate luxe party, include plenty of candles, either in the form of discreet tea lights or lanterns for a romantic vibe. Alternatively, source a pretty tablecloth and beautiful crockery with loosely placed blooms and blossoms.


Remember, this is your chance to create a space that will make you smile and add joyfulness to any special occasion.


Stylish Solutions


Your decorating solutions are just waiting for you to get out your brushes and toolkit - so whether you want to create a look that dabbles in romance or if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a simplistic approach, decorating for a soiree can be a lovely gesture to show just how much you care for your dear ones.


Get creative with table settings that reflect your own personal style or create a celebratory mood for guests with layers of bunting and colourful party favors.




Think about colours you connect with, that uplift the senses and resonate within you. The crucial element is to explore and experiment, be daring and dress your space with a palate of uplifting shades for a unique and inspiring soiree.


Full Bloom


Roses, peonies, daisies, wildflowers and ever-timeless lavenders personalise a space and make a guest feel engaged. Gather a collection of old jars, vases or ceramics and enjoy the process of mixing and arranging botanicals according to your setting.


The key to decorating with flowers is to work with blooms you love that also reflect the tone of your party. Use flowers to either create colour or start a bold colour clash for visual punctuation.



Get the look...

• Get creative, use what you have and create an atmosphere that reflects your own personal style

• Colourful textiles are an easy way to inject life and style to a party. Look to florals, embroidered or crochet to create a colour story

• Use a variety of flowers in different heights and styles

• Lighting can take the form of tea candles, lanterns or decorative string lights

• Create unique table settings to personalise the space for a guest

• Mix and match crockery to achieve an eclectic look, it adds personality and engages with guests


We recommend...

- Modocco Glass Table Lantern - 32.5cm - Red

- Gordon Ramsay Maze by Royal Doulton - 20pc Dinner Set - Blue

- Ayarti - Bohemian Woods - 51cm x 76cm - Stretched Canvas - Artist Lane


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Written by:

Bec Bardoel – Milan Direct