Even from the other side of the world, when it comes to interiors we have so much in common with the British Isles. Many of the architectural characteristics of our homes and our cities’ buildings are straight from the streets and boroughs of England; and don’t we love a bit of Union Jack as a bold style statement! Here’s a nod to the Mother Country and a fun way to give your interiors a UK flavour.


Jack's Back


The Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom and is actually a mix of three different flags: the St George’s Cross, the St Andrew’s Cross and the St Patrick’s Cross. With it’s bright primary colours and geometric design it is simply perfect as an attention-grabbing piece in your home décor.

Due to its popularity (for all of the above reasons), the Union Jack can be seen on rugs, in artwork, as upholstery for chairs and lounges, on cushions, and even on painted furniture. There are even some versions of these Union Jack-inspired homewares in more subtle tones such as grey and white or black and white. But the effect is still bold and quintessentially British. There are many ways to experiment with this beautiful flag to accessorise your home.


In The Mix 


It is often assumed that traditional English interiors are stuffy and formal, but this is not necessarily the case. With a mix of expensive and inexpensive, and an emphasis on comfort and snug warmth due to the colder climate in England, British interiors are welcoming and relaxed. The mix of patterns, textures and colours in soft furnishings, wallpaper and drapes, as well as the collection of old and new furniture from past generations to today’s styles, keep English style eclectic and unpretentious and homely.


Classic Style


From medieval to Georgian to Victorian, English homes almost always reflect classic architectural styles. In Australia, due to British colonisation, we too share many of these styles as well as their interiors with the elaborate architraves and skirtings and common layouts. It’s no surprise, then, that English decor and furniture that complements these interiors is perfect for many Australian homes and the obvious choice for Aussie homeowners everywhere. If you have, or wish to have, a period home, do your research and source décor and features typical of this period.



Get the look...

• The union Jack is one of the most recognisable English symbols and a beautiful and bold style statement for your home. If you love the colours and pattern of this flag, try incorporating it into your home in rugs, cushions or even upholstery.


• A mix of antique and new and expensive and inexpensive homewares and furniture will ensure you achieve the homely and eclectic feel of an English home. Think relaxed and welcoming rather than stuffy and formal. 


• Classic English architectural styles are prevalent in Australia due to our English heritage. If you have an older home, do some research on its architectural style choose decor that complements this period.


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Written by:

Katie Evans – Milan Direct