Here in Australia we just love our coffee. You could say we are truly addicted, not just to caffeine but to sourcing the best latte around. And our love of caffeine is so great that many of us are creating café corners in our own homes. Coffee machines, cups and glasses, napery and some fabulous little café seating all contribute to a cool café corner. Here are the latest trends, designs and accessories in café culture and some tips for bringing café cool into your home. So get your barista skills polished!


The Daily Grind


Our love of coffee extends to all manner of gadgets associated with creating the perfect cuppa. From grinders to espresso makers, coffee lovers everywhere are ensuring they get café-quality lattes before they’ve even stepped out the door. You can go all out and invest in a top-of-the-range espresso maker, but if you are a bit more budget-conscious there are many coffee makers to choose from at a number of different price points.



A Cup of Love


So you have the grinder and the coffee machine – how about some gorgeous crockery to serve your beverage? Love to kick-start your morning with a little caffeine hit? Try an adorable little espresso set. Or if you are a slow burner who likes to sip all morning, a colourful mug might be your preference. If you are on the go, there are also some fun and bright portable-mug designs, which can fit enough caffeine to help you on your way.


Take a Seat


A café corner deserves some special seating to really give it an authentic café feel. Whether your corner is outdoors or inside in a nook of the kitchen, a compact, café-style dining set creates a lovely spot to sip your long black and read the morning paper. Even a small bench or table beside your favourite chair is enough space to rest your mug or cup, and will allow you to relax and savour your delicious beverage.



Get the look…

• A good-quality coffee machine and grinder are essential to starting a café corner at home. There are many designs to choose from at a range of different price points to suit your budget.

• A great coffee needs a gorgeous cup – either a big mug, espresso cup or large take-away mug for those who need a longer-lasting caffeine fix.

• If you can, incorporating a small café style setting somewhere in your home will give you an authentic café feel.


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